Concept Cover Pages

Each set of pages were carefully crafted to include poetic, photographic and visual design elements. Scroll down to view the themes and concept for each set of pages.

tension between the lines & strings that bind us

Theme: The complex relationship between theatre production and content censorship in Singapore

The piece is inspired by a learning journey to the premises of W!ld Rice Production and watching them stage Emily of Emerald Hill. It demonstrates the lasting effects of boundary markers, even long after they are removed.



Image Retrieved: Emily of Emerald Hill Programme Booklet by W!ld Rice Singapore

Borrowing colours from Emily

The colours were borrowed from Emily's Nonya Kebaya, and incorporated into the string element as well as the highlight of keywords.

the ceilings we hold // the ceilings that fall

Theme: Regulation of the arts in Singapore

Rules are in place for a reason, but the bad guy is not always the one enforcing it. This piece chooses to question and re-evaluate the role of those who create rules, why they create them and the people that choose to follow or deviate.






Theme: The politics of public space, and space ownership in Singapore

This piece reflects the ownership (or lack thereof) of the spaces we inhabit and prompts the question – What determines the "public"ness of space? It suggests that perhaps our answers lie beneath the rules we live by and we can learn more about them if they're brought into discussion.